• Everyone loves history,
    especially their own.

    Today is History helps you create video time capsules of your life.
    We’re here to honor and preserve the best moments.
    Make history, keep it forever.

How will you tell your life story?

Can you honestly imagine scrolling through Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to paint the picture of your life?
Our lives can’t be defined by likes, comments, or followers. That’s ridiculous, and it’s a problem that needed fixing.

Welcome to Today is History. Transform your memories into history you’ll cherish forever.
Create personalized video time capsules of your life and save them for generations to come.

Personalized video time capsules.

People Today is History

  • "History needs to be digitally preserved or irreplaceable memories will be lost forever."
  • "It's effortless to create and add engaging time capsules of your life."
  • "There’s not another place that lets me aggregate all the moments that matter to me."
  • "I have too much content and I didn't know what to do with it, now I do."
  • “I could never do this myself!”
  • “It's an ongoing highlight reel of life. So special.”

Go on. Make history.

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